turning chocolate into gold

08/20/16 06:10:38AM
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I thought some of you would be interested in this "trick".

I found the thread on reddit yesterday.

turning chocolate into gold

In the comments there are a few descriptions of how it works.

They say there are some gold flakes suspended in some kind of cacao or coffee powder and only the gold will stick to the bonbon because of some hydrophobic process?

just take a look at the link and you will see.

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08/20/16 09:34:48AM
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Very neat. I'd not seen that before.

Clay Gordon
08/20/16 09:48:05AM
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Sebastian -

The /reddit thread is spectacularly unhelpful in explaining how/why this works.

There is a lot of bandying about the word hydrophobic but the question remains, how are the gold powder particles selectively removed from the (cocoa? coffee?) to stick to the surface of the chocolate?

What's the chemistry of this, do you know?

clay - http://www.thechocolatelife.com/clay/
08/20/16 12:43:36PM
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yeah, i didn't read it very thoroughly.  lots of speculation from the little i did read.  w/o knowing what it is, it's hard to say.  i've work quite a bit with gold leaf, and it's a nightmare to handle.  i suspect it's not gold powder/leaf/whatever at all, but something else. Exactly what?  I dunno...

Edit - i've got a good friend who's a CMPC - let me ping him to see if he know's the details of what's going on, and then we can get into the science

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08/27/16 10:57:48AM
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So, my friend tells me it's just that - gold dust in cocoa powder.  Now, it's not actually, literally gold dust, but rather the decorative stuff.  According to him not all of them work very well, and his experience is that the gold dust from albert uster imports - the one that says 'inedible' - works great ( http://www.auifinefoods.com/gold-dust-inedible-5861050000)

I've no idea why it would stick to chocolate but not to cocoa powder - my guess it's some electrostatic property, but why it's preferentially choosing chocolate over cocoa - no idea.  Someone give it a try and see how it works.  Wonder if the AU gold dust has an ingredient list on it?  While i've got a boatload of mica powders i could use, i'd pretty strongly suspect they'd just coat the cocoa powder - they're incredibly fine powders.

08/28/16 07:12:52PM
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I wonder how does is dry so quick and do not stick on the fingers while removing it from the the bowl - This is really scary ;)