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01/22/13 06:44:15PM
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I'm Interested In Your Opinion!

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Hi Brad,

I had actually looked at your old website a few months ago, and have looked at the new one now. The colour scheme is nice and appealing to females- and surely we must account for more than 50% of chocolate purchasing decisions....

I agree that more descriptions of the fillings would be good- in fact some of the best content on the site is hidden in the PDFs- particularly the menu pdf where it describes each blend of chocolate- if you could bring some of the product descriptions and lists up to the main part of the site in my view it would add more interest and make it more engaging.

Also have to agree that putting a "Buy Now" button on the home page without full online ordering functionality is a bit confusing & disappointing....- if you are not planning to offer online fulfillment/shipping- the button might be better as "Click and Collect" or something like that....

Anyway, that is my 2c.

regards, philippa