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Matt Caputo
06/24/10 23:01:51 @matt-caputo:
Gary,According to Alex Rast of Domori's Guasare won't be released for three years.
Matt Caputo
06/24/10 22:56:47 @matt-caputo:
Gary,Give me your email please.Thanks,Matt
Matt Caputo
06/24/10 22:55:48 @matt-caputo:
Gary,We ship to California regularly and it is only two days ground to you. Therefore shipping is insanely cheap. I am planning on bringing most of Artisan du Chocolat's bars.I was not aware Domori had a Guasare and am super pissed they did not tell me about it. I just did an order. F^*K!!!!!!!! I am not interested in Hotel Chocolate.