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Chocolate Storage Boxes

I'm looking for chocolate storage...
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George Trejo

POS Bar Boxes

I saw a chocolatier using what...
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Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
10/15/10 17:30:10 @ruth-atkinson-kendrick:
Thanks George. It always comes as a surprise:-)
Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
09/01/10 07:44:21 @ruth-atkinson-kendrick:
I had them custom made, but they were cheap-about 30 cents each. I used Bryant and Mark Assoc. 2101 Bel Air Road # FFallston, MD 21047-2731Phone:(410) 879-7190Website: I talk to David. They have pretty low minimums. I use a local label guy in SLC, but there are cheaper people in your area I'm sure. The box can also be used for my chocolates. Billie Ann Plastic has a good selection of stock boxes that are interesting. Good luck. My email is ruth (at) sweetchocolot (dot) com