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Emay Wang
02/18/14 05:19:53PM @emay-wang:

I ended up to open an candy & confection shop in San Mateo, california. You can go to my face book to see more infor:https://www.facebook.com/EmaysSweetShop.

Do you have a website?

Good luck!

corinne mendelson
11/12/12 02:31:06PM @corinne-mendelson:

hi Judym no i didnt get the pavoni machine but i think i will buy it because i am very far from the chocolate volume Brad is talking about. I hope i wont get to that because my purpose is to make chocolate not to run a factory and anyway my country is a very little one and i live in a kibbutz in the south of israel i could never have so many clients as brad, so it will be ok for me it costs 1200 euro which is affordable