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Susan Van Horn
10/25/12 13:21:05 @susan-van-horn:

Hi Mark, I'm hoping you can help with 2 things since you appear to be well versed in the science of things, and I just can't seem to figure this one out.

!. What do I need to do to get a nice, easy crunch to my toffee? Most of the time it's too hard for my taste. Is it the temp. that I cook it to? 290. It's just too hard for my liking and I would love to have your help on this. When it is refrigerated (I did this due to weather) it comes out with a nice, much easier crunch. But when it warmed up again, it went back to being too hard.
2. How do I get it to not pack teeth?!!. Is it the thickness? 1/4" Is it the texture? If so, it goes hand in hand with needing help on #1.

07/09/12 20:54:26 @tom:

I just replied to a comment you left in the fresh pods thread but don't know if you will see it as you didn't start the thread. Just wondering how many days in the freeze dryer you dry your cacao pods?