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10/25/12 11:41:56 @ryan:

Susan score the finished product into individual pieces (really only scoring the chocolate itself but be sure to go deep enough that it scratches the surface of the toffee) If you have problems with chocolate adhering try wiping toffee with moist paper towel before applying chocolate. Hope that helps, good luck.

10/23/12 01:14:43 @ryan:
hi susan, my comment about scoring toffee is that you can score it with the point of a knife through the chocolate when the chocolate is slightly tacky (not fully set) and then once it sets fully by folding the piece away from the scoring mark it will break similar to cutting glass.
Joe clark
08/28/12 12:30:35 @joe-clark:
Took pictures , sent you some I think
Andy Ciordia
07/12/12 16:27:46 @andy-ciordia:

Glad to be a guinea pig! I always say if I can help others learn something that caused me headaches and concussions then I'll do it. Wisdom shouldn't take so many bruises to learn from hehe! If by the end of the "toffee project" we can all understand more about this very odd relationship then everyone will have won a great boon that I wasn't able to find anywhere else. :D

Debbie Berman
04/20/12 15:51:49 @debbie-berman:


Craig Boreth
06/11/11 10:21:25 @craig-boreth:

Hi Susan:

No new news just yet. Hopefully this week.


Lourdes Paez
04/04/11 12:05:33 @lourdes-paez:
All the best in this phase, I am also in a similar stage looking for new opportunities and paths to take my business and my love for cacao and chocolate. I am involved with many cacao growers in Ecuador, so if you need beans in the future let me know. enjoy this time
Dan Corson
04/03/11 18:57:22 @dan-corson:

hi Susan.

We are still a few years out for full production on our cacao farm. Our first trees have just come into full ripeness- but that is couple of years early. We have 1/3 forestero and 2/3 trinatario. I am trying to start up a cacao-growers cooperative in our area of the Hamakua (N. of Hilo on the Big Island). We are already selling some beans through our friend Tom Sharkey, but are looking to expand with others in this geographically similar area so we can brand the beans that have a similar terroir. Once I get up our website, I will send it off to the group.

So you are a chocolate maker in LA? What part? I assume you have a shop?



Lourdes Paez
04/02/11 15:14:47 @lourdes-paez:
thanks for the advice, are you a chocolate maker?
George Trejo
10/15/10 22:32:03 @george-trejo:
I'll be sure to let you know how the show goes. Starts this coming Wednesday and goes through Sunday.
Gail Marie Barros
10/01/10 14:47:07 @gail-marie-barros:
Hi Susan: Thanks so much for the nice comments about my box design. I only made 20 of them as they were for a friends wedding we had here at our house. I am trying to write a business plan right now. I am totally overwhelmed as to where to start. I think I just need to start. Tell me about yourself? I need a chocolate friend right now.
Steve Young
09/01/10 06:38:18 @steve-young:
Susan, No these Hilliard are not new. Probably 6 years old. I had a chocolate shop 3 years ago in Sanibel,Florida. Sold biz and kept these two. Had six others. These two were back up, so hardly used at all. Both in excellent conition. Go to and look at little dipper. These look exactly like the one in picture except thet have a dial temp gauge, not digital read out. Where are you located? My cell phone is 239-210-8488 Thx, Steve
Dawn Swank
08/10/10 11:54:39 @dawn-swank:
Thanks, Susan!!!! I was thrilled to find it!!!