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Posted a new Comment on When you think of the phrase "Tree to Bar" ...:
"Hi to all.  If I have to be rude, let's rock.  No so long ago, a chocolatier was a person transforming cocoa into chocolate (and believe me, it's already a..."
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10/21/10 06:07:16PM @alan-j-raymond:
Bonjour Stephane,How are you, I've just entered Chocolate life as a member and I'm looking to meet other chocolate lovers from around the world especially from france as its my favourite country.Are you working within the chocolate industry?? I'm a pastry chef working in an Irish restaurant here at home and I'd love to go and work in France to learn more and gain experience there.I'm very happy to be a part of Chocolate Life and to meet more chocolate lovers, I've allways been a chocolate lover.Au revoir monsieur Bonnat.
Runner NYC
10/16/10 09:55:43AM @runner-nyc:
I love the new picture, Stephane!