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Laurent Gerbaud Bar
Gold-covered dark chocolate Buddha
Porcelana Chocolate Tasting Notes
Porcelana Chocolate Tasting
Coppeneur's Porcelana
There is chocolate in Bora Bora
Rogue Chocolate



stephane BONNAT
10/16/10 10:05:57AM @stephane-bonnat:
Thank you. I'll also try to add some pictures of our old machines (1880-->1950) prepared for a special exhibit in Paris around early December.
06/13/08 01:44:16PM @rumi:
Hi George,Good to see you here on the Chocolate Life. I just looked and your pictures and thought, wait, all those Porcelana bars look familiar.. :)
04/28/08 10:31:27PM @brady:
GeorgeGood to hear from you on the Chocolate Life. You'll need to share with everyone all the special chocolate items you find in your travels. Like the chocolate snuff you brought us. That's probably something alot of people haven't done. Sniffing chocolate up their nose! I had alot of fun with that one. And the Shake Away drink named after 'you'! Very cool!
Clay Gordon
01/30/08 02:07:07PM @clay:
Hey George:Thanks for joining us in The Chocolate Life. I'd love to hear more about your trips to London - with photos! I know what you mean about the Cru Sauvage, the current batch doesn't have the same finesse as the original one. I am looking forward to the new production.