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Ernesto Bugarin Pantua Jr.
05/26/14 08:07:51AM @ernesto-bugarin-pantua-jr:

Hi Tom,

Sent you inquiries to your email ad but keep coming back at me because for several tries I made mistake in the spelling for your surname. We are interested in setting up a small kitchen for chocolate production our current capacity is 90 kg of dried cacao beans roasted daily and made into Pure Roasted Cacao Liquor, (80%) Dark chocolates Bars 27g each (20%). We would like to increase our chocolate production and add variants. We also produce jams which we want to incorporate in our chocolates. Can you give me advise on what appropriate selmi machine you would recommend and their brochures as well as price quotation. How much would a training for using your machine would cost me?

Thanks for the reply.


Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje
09/29/13 09:05:38AM @rajarajeshwari-kainthaje:


I had been trying to contact Selmi people over the telephone at 00393922655827. No one answers the call. Can you please suggest the correct telephone number to call them?

Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje
08/24/13 01:54:23PM @rajarajeshwari-kainthaje:

Hi Tom,

Please let me know the price of Selmi Roaster.

Raji from India.

Colin Green
05/30/13 06:36:49PM @colin-green:

Hi Tom,

Thanks so much for your kind offer to show me panning in Italy. Sadly it's just too far away at the moment. But I really appreciate your kind offer. I was trying to purchase a Selmi Comfit spraying system but after a couple of months of trying to buy I gave up and am now trying to come up with a different spraying method.

Kind regards

Colin :-)

Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje
03/18/13 12:25:24PM @rajarajeshwari-kainthaje:

Hi Tom,

I wonder whether Selmi has Hot Copper panning machines too. I plan to buy one.

Rajarajeshwari from India.

antonino allegra
06/18/12 03:29:38PM @antonino-allegra:

Hi Tom,

i'm interested in buying a panning machine, I know you deal with Selmi and they have some of the best machines. We will need it for chocolate only so a stainless steel would be fine.

Of course i need with cooling/heating and spray system.

thank you, you can email quote to

Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje
02/10/12 11:26:57PM @rajarajeshwari-kainthaje:

Thanks Tom.

Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje
02/10/12 10:24:46AM @rajarajeshwari-kainthaje:


Do you know, whether Selmi Roaster peels the skin of Almonds while roasting ? I didn`t give much attention to the roaster while I was at the Selmi factory. I remember it peels peanut skin and it is a great machine. ( I like my COMFIT. Now thinking of buying a Roaster)

David Marcoe
06/07/11 10:38:58AM @david-marcoe:
Hi Tom, after reading all of the comments on the Selmi temperering machines, I believe we will be buying one in the very near future. Do you ever getmachines returned, reconditioned and available for sale?
Marlon Sawiran
04/20/11 03:02:35AM @marlon-sawiran:
Dag Tom,

Toch 2 vragen:
a. We zijn in het bezit van een oud model Ghana 24kg tempereermachine van Selmi. Ditisnog het modelmet de draaiknoppen ipv druktoetsen.
Kan U hiervoorvoor mij een copy van degebruiksaanwijzing geraken?
b. We hadden vernomen dat Selmi ook moules in huis hebben, wat is de aankoopprijs hiervan, aub?

Verneem graaguw antwoord.
Alvast dank!
Wendy& Marlon

Marlon Sawiran
04/05/11 11:26:16AM @marlon-sawiran:

Beste Tom,

We zijn op het moment in alle stilte bezig met opstartvan een zaak. Vooruitzicht is dat we tegen september officieel op de markt komen. We hebben op dit moment 2 Selmi toestellen staan (tweedehands weliswaar, maar best tevreden over de werking van deze). Het is mijn vrouw die chocolatier wilt worden/zijn (met verdere ondersteuning van Jacky!)

We hebben tijdje geleden via ECD een prijsaanvraag geplaatst voor enkele toestellen & accesoires van Selmi. Wij voorzien de beslissing tot aankoop nog voor juni/juli te plaatsen.

We hopen eens een ontmoeting te kunnen maken met U.

In iedergeval zullen wij binnenkort naar Interpack komen, mss zien we U daar wel.



08/15/09 11:46:34AM @eynard-daniel:
Im an old client for selmi machinery ,no problem with the topplease contact me 00.33.665656324 during this summer periodfor order problem urgent.Daniel
06/03/09 09:49:03AM @holycacao:
05/31/09 01:10:00PM @holycacao:
can you send me more details (specs etc) and a quote to my email?
05/31/09 03:08:53AM @holycacao:
Hi Tom,I need help with cooling chocolate. I work primarily with 50g and 100g molds and am looking for a cooling tunnel
Brian Donaghy
05/04/09 01:42:30PM @brian-donaghy:
Do these tempering units have a brand name? LOLCongrats on the new job!You should come to the Candy Show in September!b