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Dear Friend - Looking for good teachers, educational programs

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By: zhemin Park
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I have been looking for the good chocolate schoolaround world that i can go and learn about basic knowlege of chocolate and leran how to making chocolate ,chocolate drink,etc... But it is very diffcult for me to looking for it , I am not in good english , I am really hope any friend can give me advise that where i can go for my short study like 3 months , I am expecting that i can meet good teacher from (The chocolate Life ) who can arranging my short term of study in his place. I will be most appreciated for it !Please kindly let me know if you are interesting or any information.God Blessing you !David Park


Linda Grishman
09/01/09 04:55:20PM @linda-grishman:
I have had a number of students take my class after they have taken other classes at so called prestigeous schools. They learned very little and sat watching the chef demonstrating over a period of 5 days. I have no more than 2 students per class. That way I can give them my undivided attention and they learn the art of making chocolate from tempering correctly to making fine confections. Several have gone on to open their own shops. My class is no more than 2 days and is jam picked with hands on learning and information.
Mark Heim
08/31/09 07:18:53PM @mark-heim:
I started out by attending ZDS in Solingen Germany back in the mid 80's. They have split their 9 week course into 2 sessions. They offer the course in English, German, Spanish, and French. You can find their information as well as many other short course offerings in Manufacturing Confectioner magazine.
Linda Grishman
08/16/09 06:24:25PM @linda-grishman:
I teach a hands-on class in my small artisan factory right here in Burlington Vermont. We take no more than 2 yes that's two people per class. You will learn how to taste chocolate, temper chocolate, make quick creations and then go on to make chocolate truffles and other confections. www.sweetonvermont.com Linda Grishman
08/16/09 03:47:21PM @ilana:
hello. Ecolechocolat.com has a beginner course online. Then they have internships offered at different chocolateries and other programs as well. Science of chocolate and bean to bar....Or perhaps contact callebaut or valrhona.