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crunchies or sponge candy



04/04/08 08:26:14PM @chocoflyer:
Will you be at the Vermont Choc Fest? I would LOVE to go but Im all the way down here in FL - next year i really must get there, sounds you have any photos of your product or shop or festivals etc? Please post!
Clay Gordon
03/26/08 10:11:38PM @clay:
Linda:Thanks for the e-mail. I have not forgotten you - in fact, I've been coming to Burlington at least twice a summer for the past six years and when I first started coming repeatedly tried to set up a meeting with you to learn more but our schedules never worked out. It looks like I won't be in Burlington until late-August this year but I look forward to meeting you then. I have a rule that I don't write about something I haven't tasted first. In any event, I look forward to your contributions here on The Chocolate Life.