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@adriennne-henson • 9 years ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "How Credible Is A Chocolate Competition When There Is No Validation Criteria For Contestants?"
"Brad, I live here in New York City and would love to try your bars and confections and share with my chocolate colleague Brady but I don't think..."



Tibor Baan
02/17/14 12:21:07AM @tibor-baan:

Dear Adrienne,

Thank you for your interest, I will PM you as soon as my contact is accepted.

Best regards,


Duffy Sheardown
05/24/10 02:36:29AM @duffy-sheardown:
Hi Adrienne,I am close to a deal with Paul A Young to stock my bars in his stores. Before that happens they can be ordered from my web-site which is . Thanks for your interest!Regards,Duffy
01/19/10 05:28:49PM @chocofiles:
Hi Adrienne,I think I met you at the Food Emporium when I was in NYC on Dec 30th. I'm Brady's friend from North Carolina.