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Vegan, predominantly organic, soy free, wheat free Chocolatier in Seattle, Washington, using only low-glycemic sweeteners.

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Deanna Moore
05/22/17 12:39:59 @deanna-moore:

Hi Aimee, 

I have Raw Organic Peruvian Cacao Nibs, Paste, Butter. Please let me know if you would like more info. 



Aimee Morrow
05/23/17 13:52:27 @aimee-morrow:


What are your minimums for butter and liquor? Looking initially for 40 lbs liquor and 10 lbs butter.  I need an ongoing supply, with the intention of increasing the order in a few months

Deanna Moore
05/24/17 12:03:22 @deanna-moore:

We can do 40lbs liquor and 10lbs butter. Email me for more info:

Eric K. Meredith
05/13/17 08:44:36 @eric-k-meredith:


I just purchased a REAL GOOD TEMPERING MACHINE about SIX (6) months ago from Chine an EIGHT (8KG) Automatic Tempering Machine. That is SUPER EASY Almost brainless & the price was GREAT!!! I paid a total of ($1,210.00) U.S. Dollars That included ($180.00) U.S. Dollars in Shipping!!! If you want I would be very happy to give you the company & my sales Rep. They make all types & sizes Both Bench Tops & tables THIRTY (30KG) & more with vibrating table with a number of other options.

But, the main reason I contacted you was I have a Cocoa Farm here in Ghana. I have started to start the process of converting to ORGANIC, but this is a THREE (3) year process. The ONLY problem about exporting Ghana Cocoa Beans, ONLY the GOVERNMENT or a LICENSED BUYING COMPANY can legally EXPORT RAW COCOA BEANS!! But if you Process the Cocoa Beans here in Ghana you are EXEMPT from this law!! This means if you want QUALITY PURE GHANA COCOA PRODUCTS I can help you with all of the following #1) (NIBBS), #2) COCOA PASTE/CHOCOLATE LIQUOR, #3) COCOA BUTTER #4) COCOA POWDER. In what ever quantities you may want, I can send you at a good price.


Francis Murchison
05/09/17 20:50:17 @francis-murchison:

Hello Aimee,

The Revolation Delta and skimmer are still available. Please email me for further details.