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Roxanne Browning
11/02/09 03:33:02PM @roxanne-browning:
I must have bumped into you at the chocolate show, see my photos from the show
08/23/09 11:20:38PM @deliciosa:
Hi! I'm trying to add you as a friend, but it's not working :(
08/18/09 01:55:48PM @jdr:
Thank you for inviting me.
helmut placek
08/18/09 01:06:05AM @helmut-placek:
Hi Angelina, thanks for inviting me.
Hilary Bradley
08/17/09 08:44:55PM @hilary-bradley:
Hi Angela- tell me your chocolate story.
Vivian S. Richman
08/15/09 06:39:42PM @vivian-s-richman:
What is your specialty in chocolate making?
08/15/09 06:36:39PM @antoine:
Hi Angelinaare you a chocolatier.
08/15/09 08:01:50AM @linda2:
Hi Angela. Thanks for the invitation.
08/14/09 11:03:23PM @debby:
Thanks Angelina.
Kate Z
08/14/09 10:53:56PM @kate-z:
Hi Angela
08/13/09 05:02:05AM @anish-macofa:
Donna Zahnle
08/12/09 07:26:36PM @donna-zahnle:
Nice to have you as a friend, Angelina!
Cosmic Cup
08/12/09 06:50:25PM @cosmic-cup:
Many thanks for the invite!
Heidi Ash
08/12/09 09:59:35AM @heidi-ash:
Hi Angelina,Thank you for the invitation.Always happy to connect with others who love chocolate too.
Kilo Oladotun Olaniyi
08/11/09 12:12:29PM @kilo-oladotun-olaniyi:
Hi Angelina,It's great to hear of your interest in my friendship.Am a keen lover of food product development.Would to get more info about cholocate.Cheers
rajeev nadkarni
08/11/09 12:10:23PM @rajeev-nadkarni:
hi thanx for being a freind. happy chocolates. favorites are bitter n dark ones
08/11/09 03:05:07AM @chocolateque:
Hi Angelina,Great to meet you and share chocolate passion :)Chocolateque
Arun Bhargava
08/11/09 02:36:02AM @arun-bhargava:
Hi, Thanks for invite.For, what we do, when you are free, please check www.ipfco.comArun.
Bill Tice
08/10/09 10:33:27PM @bill-tice:
Thanks for the invite. Look at that smile. See what chocolate does to a person.
Gino Pagnani
08/10/09 01:20:20PM @gino-pagnani:
Hi Angelina,Thank you for the invite.Gino