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Matt Caputo
05/03/10 12:51:45PM @matt-caputo:
Barbara,You can order most from Or your can definitely order all from our retail store. We carry everything and shipping to you would be very cheap from Salt Lake. Feel free to email me at matt at caputosdeli dot comThanks,Matt CaputoTony Caputo's
Matt Caputo
05/02/10 08:35:38AM @matt-caputo:
Chocolate is made from cacao. Prevailing wisdom is that chocolate should taste of cacao in the same way wine should taste like the fruit it is made from. Chocolate makers take pride in talking about their beans in the same manner wine makers like to pay homage to the grapes. Dove has no actual taste of cacao left after the intense processing and HEAVY vanilla additions. You should introduce yourself to the flavor of cacao. Fine chocolate should have taste nuances worth talking about just like wine. I recommend starting with, Amano Dos Rios (think freeze dried blueberries and bergamot). Then try Patric Madagascar and think bright acidity from thins like red fruits, citrus and grape skin. I guarantee your mind will be blown and you will forget all about Dove, which does not really taste like cacao.