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Pods...Yum...I love them so
Training Small Farmers
The Big Tree Fermentery
Solar Drying at Big Tree Farms
Dank Cocoa Garden and Vibrant Pod
Just a Beautiful Tree
A Pod in the Hand is worth Two in the Tree!



Jeffry Lukito
12/23/10 12:26:06AM @jeffry-lukito:
Hi Ben, my name is Jeffry, and I live in Surabaya, Indonesia.I love chocolate and I occasionally held tastings(so far in Jakarta and Surabaya).I don't know if he has told you about this, a while back Frederick contacted me by Facebook and invited me to come to the opening of your factory.I am very excited about it.If you are ever in Surabaya, let me know.I would like to chat, and if you are willing to share your expertise I would love to learn one or two things from you. :)I also know some growers in Java, maybe I can arrange if you ever want to visit them.
Ben Ripple
05/13/09 04:58:34AM @ben-ripple:
Just returning from the cacao food forests of West Bali...plump pods of brilliant reds, purples, yellow-greens and sunset orange all nestled on moss-covered trunks...vanilla orchids climbing into the branches, stately cloves laden with fruits spice the air...towering coconuts sway above...This is the true beauty of chocolate!!
05/13/09 01:03:17AM @ilana:
Nice family!