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F-1st day of drying - 3 hours - raking the beans every hour - 30001
Criollo - Madagascar



Vercruysse Geert
08/04/10 12:17:33 @vercruysse-geert:
Next two weeks in Switzerland for holiday and ... If I find some time left for the UK I would like to have a chocolate tasting and day aroud there chocolates, not for sure. Paris is always on my mind to visit so visiting and collecting is my share in this capital for chocolate an pastry.Hope to taste your new Bali Soon.Geert
Vercruysse Geert
07/23/10 13:12:28 @vercruysse-geert:
Hello Bertil,What about these chocolate?75% TRINITARIO COCOABIG TREE FARMSBALIStill not available ? 45% (milk) and 75% (dark) trinitario cocoaGeertPS the second weekof august I'm in Switzerland, are you in the country?
05/30/10 01:20:15 @kristina:
Having your chocolate in my "magic box" it it so easy to host a great tasting achieving the perfect peak. I wonder, if you are in Switzerland on June11th or 12th - it would be just great to meat you.
Adriennne Henson
02/08/10 19:28:56 @adriennne-henson:
Hi Bertil,I can't wait to get your bars in and I will be telling Brady and Margaret when they come in as well as everyone else and it will be an honor to meet you.Will you be coming in when the fancy food show is here????Do you know when the bars will be coming in?? I never know until a shipment comes in and I open up the boxes.You can let me know threw my emailAdrienne
02/08/10 10:56:53 @chocofiles:
I'd like to learn more about Akesson's chocolate. Can you please tell TCL more about what you're doing?
Matt Caputo
12/29/09 21:54:11 @matt-caputo:
Bertil,Good to hear from you. I hope all is well. Have you found a U.S. distributor yet? I would still like to carry your products, I just won't be able to import them myself. Either way we are selling lots of your beans through other bars.Ciao,Matt
Alan McClure
10/23/09 05:15:15 @alan-mcclure:
Hi Bertil,Very nice to hear from you. I have heard that you are up to some very interesting things. Best of luck!I'd love to catch up in more depth sometime after Christmas, but if you are at all interested in sharing more about your current chocolate biz, I'd be very interested to read about it. I think that you have my email.Very best,Alan