How To Temper Chocolate The Easy Way.

Brad Churchill
10/24/16 02:54:59AM
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Over the past couple of years I have seen (and responded to) MANY question with respect to tempering chocolate.  Most of the answers deal with the mechanics, but don't give the person an in depth understanding of why chocolate behaves the way it does.

This evening I turned the camera on for the first time in my shop and let it run for 25 minutes while I demonstrated exactly how to temper chocolate by hand, and explained why it behaves the way it does.  I posted the video on my company's Facebook page so everyone can watch.

I truly hope it helps those of you who are struggling with the concept.  I also hopes it prevents you from wasting money on equipment that isn't necessary to work with chocolate in your own kitchen.

Here it is.  Enjoy!

Brad Churchill