Brad Churchill

Honesty... Here we go again!

By Brad Churchill, 2013-11-06
Today I was reminded why I got into this business. DECEPTION AND LIES. My Edmonton dealer just lost business to Sweet Lollapaluza, because BRETT LIES about what he does - both in writing and in person (I just spoke with him on the phone. I called and said I was doing research into the chocolate business (true) and he assured me that he MAKES chocolate).
On his website he writes "Our chocolate boutique in Commerce Place reflects our chocolate philosophy of creating something beautiful, contemporary and honest. While most chocolatiers hide their work, Sweet Lollapalooza engages its customers in the whole production process."
ALSO... right on his home page:
"...Researchers have found high quality chocolate, made without added preservatives and sugars like premium chocolate-makers Sweet Lollapalooza".
I asked him three different ways, and each time he said he made chocolate. ONLY after I phrased it as "...So what you're telling me then is you also make the chocolate just like you make cream and butter you use in your confections.", did he answer, "What's the difference?"
That's laughable give the fact that he's marketing a FIVE DOLLAR 18g raspberry truffle made with Maranon chocolate (the 'rarest' in the world according to him and his vacuum bubble).
This is the kind of crap we shouldn't have to compete against. Let's all make our products and do so proudly, but more importantly HONESTLY, then sell them on their own merit.
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