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Amy Jackson
10/25/12 22:18:02 @amy-jackson:
Hi Brian,Very interested in being in the "society". Are you taking newcomers?AmyJ
Bruce Toy (Coppeneur)
01/10/11 12:23:31 @bruce-toy-coppeneur:

Hi Brian,

I'm the North American importer for Coppeneur. Our web site is . There, you can find a link that lists our U.S. wholesale customers and a link to "About Us".

We opened the first North American Coppeneur store recently in Calgary, Alberta. The only Coppeneur store in Europe is located in Bonn, Germany.

Thank you for your interest.

Bruce Toy

Ian Patrick
09/15/10 14:06:52 @ian-patrick:
Brian, Have you heard from any other "Chocolate Society" organizers?Ian
Vanessa Chang
09/12/10 09:01:37 @vanessa-chang:
I'm sad to be missing Monday's Madagascar tasting. Maybe we need to conduct a re-hash :)
Matt Caputo
06/07/10 14:23:41 @matt-caputo:
Brian,Put a picture of yourself and you may get featured. In fact, I would suggest it to Clay.Thanks,Matt