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01/02/10 11:24:37AM @martine:
Dear Clay,Thank you for your reply. What I meant was if you had tasted chocolate made from Peruvian cocoa beans, as you answered in your 2nd point. Peru is not a great producer of chocolate althogh there are quite some Peruvian brands of chocolate. Still, the quality of its production is not high as European standards. What I heard (I am currently living in The Netherlands) is that Peruvian cacao beans won a "best aroma" prize recently in a international contest in France.I want to thank you for the letter you sent to all members and I must say it is a great site that you created, so congratulations for that and I am happy I got to you and happy to be part of a chocolate lovers group, very useful in deed.We will keep in touch. Kind regards,Jimi
Clay Gordon
01/02/10 10:22:53AM @clay:
Cesar -You have a very interesting background and so I am glad to hear from you. With respect to your question about Peruvian chocolate. I have not had much chocolate made in Peru that I particularly care for. However, I have had quite a bit of chocolate made from beans grown in Peru and I can say that there is some very good chocolate that is being made from them:: Clay