Old melangeur vs. modern wet grinder

Andy Koller
09/02/14 00:29:47

Hello Chocolate-Friends

I'm planning to start up a small chocolate factory.
Therefore I sent some longer times in researching and figuring out which equipment (machines) do best fit my needs.

While researching I found out that there are actually some old melangeur available (I always thought there are so few left that they are very rare).

So my question is, how does the result of work from the old melangeur differ to the result of a new wet grinder (ex. Cocoatown)?

I can imagine that the old melangeur doesn't make the chocolate quite as fine (in terms of particle and flavor) as a modern wet grinder. But I do have an exact understanding of how different the result is.

Does anybody of you have experience with an old melangeur and willing to share this?