Help with my (new to me) JKV 30 & Enobing Belt

11/22/14 09:03:51AM

Hi and thanks for taking a few minutes to lend a hand.

I boughta pair of JKV 30s and the 180mm enrobing belt this. They are 1987 models, so they've been around awhile.

I have them cleaned up and as I'm testing the machine there are four things that I'm trying to figure out.

1. Before putting chocolate in the machine I added a few gallons of water to test the heating. Where the water was in the tank was fine it heated nicely. However the top of the machine and the sloped side got VERY hot. I measured 167 degrees! Yikes, this burnt my hand. This is way too hot for chocolate! Is this something I should be alarmed about? Does this happen with other machines?

2. I added some chocolate melted it as carefully as I could, and got things going last night. While I didn't get the chocolate tempered (it was late) I put on the enrobing belt and found the chocolate from the curtain falls right through the belt. With the location of the positioning holes for the tray which makes the chocolate curtain, there isn't a plate to help the chocolate pool up. If I slide the tray to the left about 1.5 inches, there is a bar scraping a roller that allows the chocolate to pool up. Am I missing a part? Should I add a plate? I'm reluctant to put a new hold in the frame so it will line up with the bar. This specific machine has been around for 27 years. Surely it coated the bottom of the chocolates for the previous owners...???

3. Does anyone have a User Manual for the JKV 30 or the 180 enrobing belt they would be willing to scan and send me? Please and Thank You. my email address is c u r l y t y e r (at) y a h o o . c o m

4. there is a device besides the wheel to agitate the chocolate. it is set to move back and forth across the bottom of the tank. On both machines it appears the part that attached to this stirring device is missing. (see photo). If I had to guess I would say there is a bar that links the drive gear and the agitator. There is a nut welded onto the drive gear. When I cut a metal bar to roughly fit, I couldn't find a sweet spot where the chain wasn't in the way. Does anyone have a picture of schematic of the inside of the machine they could send me? I would love to order the right part or fabricate it. I'm just not sure what I don't know about the design.

Thank you for your help!

LarryMore pictures of the enrobing section to come.

Also, I've exchanged a few email with Ian the distributor for JKV. I haven't heard back from my last email requesting the info above (and more parts) but I would love to get enrobing today.... Christmas is coming quickly...