pure CRIOLLO CACAO tempering q's

deedee devi
06/03/10 06:11:10AM

I AM tempering hawaiian CRIOLLO cacao that i winnowed / ground / melanged and ultimately tried tempering ...

the original cacao liquor was runnier than i have experienced with bali or s. american cacao varieties ... can anyONE with experience in using the different variety of beans interpret why I AM not acheiving the same tempering experience with pure CRIOLLO beans as I AM with a mixture?

is there LESS CACAO BUTTER content in the CRIOLLO variety?

it would seem that i would have to add a tremendous amount of cacao butter to the cacao solid ( 28% BUTTER / 46% SOLIDS) in order for this to temper...

i have added (17% BUTTER/ 53% SOLIDS) already to no avail.

this cacao liquor presents itself as looking milk chocolatey as opposed to the dark chocolatey texture/color I AM used to.

any advise on how to acheive proper temper with this bean variety?

this is also my very firstbatch with pure turbinado CANE SUGAR (cacao bean/cacao butter/cane sugar <> that is it!) as I AM used to xylitol and maple syrup crystals so if this can make a difference, can anyONE please explain?

in LOVE and LIGHT I AM ...