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i do not think Fair Trade is fair at...
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Roger Porcellato
08/25/12 14:32:37 @roger-porcellato:

Hi Solis Lujan,

Thanks for your interest in the TF10 Chocolate Tempering Machine [finally, someone whois familiar withthe quality of the TF10 Tempering Machine:)!].

Although you areknowledgeable about the machine if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

If you let me know your address and we can complete the transaction through paypal you could have the TF10 by the end of the week.

I also sent a message to your g-mail account.



Stephanie Andersen
09/12/11 11:09:04 @stephanie-andersen:


I have about 6,000 trees, most bearing fruit right now. They are planted over 15 acres along with coffee. The plantation in total is about 100 acres, so plenty of room for more cacao!

Frank Haberman
11/22/10 22:25:29 @frank-haberman:
Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. There are more then 35 colors and or prints available. If you use the following coupon code CBFship at check out you will receive 50 % off shipping when you select Priority Mail as your choice for shipping.To take advantage of this exclusive offer, a mininum purchase of $23.70 is required. Sorry there are no sample packs available. See you at Happy Holidays@Frank