Does chocolate temper when panning?

Colin Green
12/16/13 20:49:18

I am told that tempering is not required when panning. Having been told that I MUST temper by judges at a competition then being assured that I must not by members on this website I got rather confused. But I'm now quite sure that it's not required.

However, DOES the vibration involved in panning temper the chocolate? I thought so but am assured by someone that I am sure knows what he's talking about that it does not.

So how does panned chocolate taste so good and "snap" when it's not tempered? What are the physics and chemistry involved. Does anyone know?

If I could find out it may help to avoid occassional "screwups" as, for example, sometimes I can't polish panned product no matter what I do. It's rare - but it happens, especially with white "chocolate" ("" in deference to those who say it's not "chocolate") :-)

The more I know about this substance the more I puzzle and know that there is MUCH more to know!

Thanks Guyz 'n Girlz!

Colin in Sunny Sydney