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I'm from Sydney, Australia and I manufacture chocolate goodies by panning. My focus is to build an online business.  Currently I do a lot of "farmers markets" and school fetes and am often invited by Rotary and Probus Clubs to talk about chocolate.

My web page is at and if you're checking out what I make, do check back from time to time as I am continually "innovating" as ideas occur to me!

Thanks Clay for giving me this soapbox!

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Colin Green

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Colin Green

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Eric K. Meredith
04/30/17 14:41:54 @eric-k-meredith:

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If you want or ever need any COCOA PRODUCTS PURE & GHANA ORIGINAL (COCOA PASTE/CHOCOLATE LIQUOR, COCOA BUTTER, COCOA POWDER!! I would be very glade to help you with all of your Cocoa Products Needs.


Ash Maki
01/26/15 17:34:58 @ash-maki:

Mostly when to slow it down and or speed it up.

The effect that speed has on the process.

Ash Maki
01/25/15 18:23:02 @ash-maki:

Hi there Colin. I would love to here any tips you might have on panning. I have been looking to learn more on the art but info is kinda hard to find. 

08/21/13 21:40:27 @deborah3:

Thankyou Colin, I like the angled tray idea and was also thinking of how to lift the metal choc tray off the ice so will investigate Clark's products.

I will be doing an all day Sample festival in September which will be hotter than now, just to keep things interesting, ha!

I love glass, but it is too fragile hence the plastic (which I always wrap up in a pillow case after use so it doesn't scratch).

The commercial displays are expensive so I was going to make one if all else fails



08/21/13 18:56:32 @deborah3:

Thanks for the feedback Colin. At the moment I display and sell varieties of single chocolates, not bars or packets. Customers are attracted to the large display so if there is only one of each flavour is a poor show. They are always cooled before I pack into the esky and I keep the bulk there until I need to replenish the display so they are cool. At the moment I have several cake displays with plastic round lids up on ice, but the ice causes condensation in the display area and doesn't look attractive. Any other thoughts?

PS yes I'm up north


Tom Bauweraerts
05/31/13 00:21:09 @tom-bauweraerts:

Hi Colin,

It's our pleasure, who knows for the future you might consider a holiday in Italy. The offer stands so you are always welcome. In our 8 years experience with the panning machine we can really show a lot of applications, we now also put a layer of sugar around the chocolate coated product without any problem and also very important but time consuming is the natural shine (without products) we obtain on the products.

Good luck with all and hope to meet you one day !

Many regards


New Zealand Chocolate Festival
07/12/12 16:21:54 @new-zealand-chocolate-festival:

Hi Colin! Pity you won't be able to join us but then there is always next year! Enjoy your time in NZ :o)