Just to say "Hi"!

Colin Green
07/27/11 07:16:35PM

Just found this area. I am in Sydney, Australia and I trade under the name Captain Coffee (I am Colin Green).Domain is http://www.captaincoffee.com.au

Have been developing a line of chocolate covered coffee beans which I have had contract panned. Have been told by my panner that they now have too much of their own work :-) A search of Australia has not found a single panner that will do good quality panning AND will do my chilli chocolate line. There ARE some that use lower quality chocolate but I really want a great product. I am surprised at how few panners there actually are!

So I'm ordering in a pan and am on a very steep learning curve. Hope it works out!

I'd like to stay in touch with others both to share what happens and to ask questions if you don't mind.