BUBBLES! Need some help dealing with bubbles

Brian Begun
08/29/13 07:42:08PM

Hi All,

I'm still a newbie at chocolatiering and I need some help, and feedback. Right now I'm just doing some experimenting. I have a REV2 and the Chocovision vibrating table. I'll temper the chocolate fine, pour it into the mold, then vibrate for about 30 seconds. I'll then set the chocolate (right now using a fridge or freezer). No matter what I try I still get bubbles.

I tried the following:

1. heated up the mold before pouring chocolate

2. poured a thinner layer of chocoalate, then vibrate, then poured rest of mold.


What do you do to solve the bubble problem?

Should I try increasing the temp of the chocolate to make it thinner?

I plan on producing a lot of chocolate, so I'd like to avoid painting the details into each mold.

How do you solve bubbles?

What techniques do you use?

Does the type of chocolate make a difference (I'm using Guittard)

Any help would be greatly appreciated