Another Newbie Question: Infusions = Help

Brian Begun
08/29/13 08:42:28PM

Okay, so from what I understand it's fairly straight forward adding flavor infusions to chocolate if you are doing bean to bar (please correct me if I'm wrong). However, I'm a little stumped as to add flavor infusions with chocolate that is already chocolate. I do not want to use the chocolate oils that are store bought, I want to be able to do real, natural infusions (like orange or vanilla etc.). From what I read, and if I understand correctly, you need to infuse the flavor with cocoa butter first, then introduce the flavored cocoa butter with the already made chocolate. Is this correct? What is the process to infuse the cocoa butter (if correct). Is there a recommended ratio of cocoa butter to chocolate?

Can someone please detail the steps they go through to infuse chocolate (already made chocolate).

Any and all help is most appreciated.