PVC tubes and handmade molds

03/10/14 11:54:32AM

We're exploring different ways to pull together a new line of layered chocolate bars, and wanted to run some ideas by the group to see if what we're planning is possible or ever done. Generally speaking, I'd like to develop a line of bars shaped as long half cylinders. The first blush at this was to order custom molds, which, though not terribly expensive, seemed more appropriate for more complicated shapes. Now, we're looking to get standard 1.25" diameter PC tubes, cut lengthwise, line them either with plastic or film, then compose two layers of filling (Marshmallow cylinder with a caramel center, Peanut Butter nougat with a pate de Fruit center, etc.) capped with a shortbread bottom. Once set, they'd be popped out of the tubes, and hand enrobed.

Before going too far down this road though, I have to believe that somebody somewhere has done something similar before. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Ben Johnson