Is Foot Traffic vital for a Chocolate Shop?

Wendy Buckner
05/25/10 10:12:31
I am looking for a store front to move my shop into. Every place in my city that has lots of foot traffic is SO expensive to rent! I have been looking at an area that is "up and coming" and very artsy but it lacks good foot traffic. I have never really been to a chocolate shop that was very successful that did not have a LOT of people walking by the shop all day. I hope that if our product is really good...people will come to it... as a destination. Right now, we are located inside of a business development center where we are very hidden. So far we have been able to do quite well in our first year and a half of being open. It has been a challenge to get new customers for this reason and so we are ready to move out and become visible. I love the store fronts available to rent in this up and coming area and they are affordable. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Or does anyone have a shop in an area like I am describing? In this business development center where we are located now, it has been sort of a safety blanket for us, it is really cheap and a very useful resource. Now that we are officially looking for our place to move to it is SO intimidating. I would love to hear how foot traffic supports your business, or any thoughts on this matter. Thank you!