Just sent an email to Santha asking "Why can't I wash some or all parts of the Spectra 11 melanger in the dishwasher….

Mack Ransom
07/22/14 09:41:38PM

Here is what I sent them, we shall see what they reply. Seems to me to be a well made unit and with the exception of the boding agent glue, most parts should survive a dishwasher without the heat dry cycle on.


I just bought the Spectra 11 and am very happy with it. Thank you for making such a fine machine.
In reading the instruction manual, I notice it says it is permissible to wash removable parts in water up to 140 degrees F. Yet the manual says it is not ok to put parts in a dishwasher.
My question is why can not the removable parts be washed in a dishwasher? Are you assuming the heat in the dishwasher is greater than 140F? Are you worried about the detergents? Are you concerned about the bonding glue agent used?I would like to know what the specific reason is please.
Also, the removable parts really are two components. One has the stainless steel pot with the granite bottom, and one has the roller assembly. Which of these parts is the one you are worried might be damaged by the dishwasher. Please explain what your concern is in detail.
Thanking you in advance for your answer,
Mack Ransom
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