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12/27/16 12:28:31AM
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I've signed on as "foodpump", and am your newest member.  From 2007 to 2016 I ran a small chocolate and pastry shop in Vancouver, and in the last five years specialised in bars, over 24 varieties for the retail sector.  I'm currently working for a catering company as pastry chef.  

My background is culinary, having started with a cook's 3 year apprenticeship in Switzerland back in the '80's, and worked as a cook andblater chef in Switzerland, Singapore, and Vancouver.


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New Chocolate Brand - "Palette"
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Marita Lores
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Pascuas 2019
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"Hi Jessica, I have purchased some cocoa butter from Ecuador at Conexion chocolate, it  is really good. Try  to contact them because I don't know if they have..."