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12/27/16 08:22:58PM
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chocolate molds, vancouver, b.c.

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well, there are two molds, I can email you pictures if you like, I also have two molds of the chinese coins.  shipping via cdn post is no problem, best payment option would be cdn pistal money order.

12/27/16 12:28:31AM
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hello from vancouver

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I've signed on as "foodpump", and am your newest member.  From 2007 to 2016 I ran a small chocolate and pastry shop in Vancouver, and in the last five years specialised in bars, over 24 varieties for the retail sector.  I'm currently working for a catering company as pastry chef.  

My background is culinary, having started with a cook's 3 year apprenticeship in Switzerland back in the '80's, and worked as a cook andblater chef in Switzerland, Singapore, and Vancouver.

12/26/16 11:49:45PM
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chocolate molds, vancouver, b.c. part two,

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the pictures dont match the descriptions  in the order I listed them in....

oh well, back to the descriptions,

christmas garnish plaque, two of them, file too large

baby santas, two molds

modified calkebaut santa molds, $10.00 for both

easter half eggs

ballerina bunny, file too large

farmer bunny, file too large

standing bunny with basket file too large

sitting bunny, file too large

giant 22" santa

I guess you can email me for better pictures


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12/26/16 11:36:12PM
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chocolate molds, vancouver, b.c.

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all of these molds are polycarbonate, $10.00 cdn each

first we have 24 of the bar molds, 6cavities @50gr

mmm, file too picture

next we have bark molds, 10of them, two cavities @100gr.  that picture worked

then two bar molds, the large one is 250gr

flat maple leaf, 9 molds mmm... file too large

small maple leaf, 3molds

love bars, 2molds, file too large

xmas psent bon bon, two molds

dolphin and assorted seafood  molds, one each

seashell molds, two of them, file too large

golf ball molds, two of them, file too large

squirrel mold, two sides, file too large

hedge hogs, 2@12 cavities, 2@18 cavities

happy b day/happy anniversary paques one only, file too large

crown bon bon, four of these, file too large

star bon bon, stippled bottom, two of these

magnetic heart, nice shape, $15.00 each, two of them

chinese coins, 5-7 gr each, three of tnese

magnetic coins.these have misding magnets and most magnets epixied back in, $5.00 each, two of them, file too large

geometric domes, two of these

halloween garnishes, one of them only

mah jong bon bon, two of them

roses, large ones, two of them, file to large

pyramid bon bon, two of them

lips, one only, file too large

hinged magnetic hollow heart, one only

cigars, two halves

flat hearts, three molds

large plain hearts, two molds, file too large

embossed hearts, two molds

heart lolli, two molds, file too large

smal plain heart, nine of these molds, file too large

I think i'll split this post in two parts

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12/26/16 10:29:54PM
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F/S - chocolate melters and equipment - Vancouver, CA

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hi all, I had a local buyer take the vibrator, and will pick up the melters and wheel on Wednesday. Panning attatchment is still available, but will need a postal(zip code) code to calculate shipping cost.

I have a lot of mold pictures to post, and will do in a separate listing tonight.


12/24/16 12:15:25AM
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F/S - chocolate melters and equipment - Vancouver, CA

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I  will get some pictures  of the molds up by monday.

12/22/16 02:06:06PM
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F/S - chocolate melters and equipment - Vancouver, CA

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some equipment for sale.  All of the listed equipment is D+R (design and realiasation, Montreal) brand and in good working order.

two 20 kg melters, waterbath style.  Each comes with a dedicated trolley with double locking castors, and extra hotel pans.

each $800.

one tempering wheel.  Fits in a 20 kg melter.  comes with a custom plexi glass cover to fit over the wheel and melter.


one tabletop mold vibrator.  This has been customized with a foot pedal switch for hands free operation, but can easily be reconfigured again


(no picture) panning bowl, to fit on a kitchenaid mixer  $250

You can check out for more descriptions of the equipment.  The company is still in business and still producing the same equipment.

I also have aprox 100polycarbonate molds,  polycarbonate seasonal figures (22"giant santa, etc) and well over .200 thermoformed molds

all items are located in Vancouver, b.c.  Please contact me to arrange a time to view the equipment.

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