I'm new, not computer literate, want to connect, have many questions and passions regarding cacao

Kristin McGary
11/17/09 09:21:18PM
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Hello Cacao Appreciators,I'm new... new to the site, new to cacao. I'm looking for a "raw" cacao paste supplier who is fair trade, organic, environmentally sound, family farm or cooperative and in love with the cacao... etc. Any leads?? I'd prefer Criollo, mostly because my understanding is it is the oldest variety and I'm accustomed to it's flavor.(although I understand it varies depending on particular tree, harvest etc) I was getting it from someone in Az. who had a connection with a farm cooperative in Peru. I'm wanting to ween off my dependence on this other distributor and create my own connections.I'm also searching for some slightly tempered "raw" cacao to use as seed. No sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no soy, lotta love.And I desire to learn more about tempering without the use of sugar or agave, rather playing with yacon syrup and jerusalem artichoke syrup. I have some experience playing with these alternative sweeteners and things turned out ok, but had some challenges. Has anyone worked with these and experienced great success?Infinite Love and Gratitude,Kristin Grayce
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Sacred Steve
11/18/09 01:45:58AM
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Hi Kristin,Welcome to the world of raw cacao and raw chocolate. Sacred Chocolate is a supplier of bulk semi-tempered raw chocolate. We provide both liquor (paste) and couverture. We also make paste/couverture to your spec.We are certified organic as well. If you are interested in discussing further, feel free to give me a call at 415-342-0527.Hearts!Sacred Steve www.SacredChocolate.com


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