2013 Selmi Plus EX & Selmi R200 enrobing THE SELMI IS NOW SOLD, THANK YOU!

Lesley Vaisanen
10/18/15 08:55:47PM
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Got brand new in January 2014.  Paid $28,594 USD asking $18,000 USD obo

Everything is working in excellent conditon.  Enrober was used 8 times.  Down sizing because I am starting nursing school.

I live in Summerland BC Canada.  Border is 45 minutes away.

Converted to single phase by Selmi.

Is a work horse and I love it. Tank holds 24kg/52lbs

http://www.selmi-chocolate.it/en/prodotti.asp?id_categoria=1&id=4#specifiche   tempering machine pic

http://www.selmi-chocolate.it/en/prodotti.asp?id_categoria=1&id=3#specifiche    enrober

I can teach you how to use them if you have never used these machines before.  They are very user friendly.

I can't seem to get the pics to load here, I can send some out to you directly.



Lesley Vaisanen

updated by @lesley-vaisanen: 06/29/23 06:49:02PM
10/23/15 10:11:01AM
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HI Lesley,

Is this still available? Mind if I give you a ring later today, to discuss?


Lesley Vaisanen
10/23/15 01:02:25PM
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 Hello Dallas, I wasn't sure if emailing the other way worked so I am doing both. Yes they are still available and if you try my cell, the 250-462-1576 number, I will have it on me all day.  ~Lesley

Lesley Vaisanen
10/29/15 05:09:46PM
4 posts

Hello Dallas,

Someone is wanting to put a deposit down for the machine and purchase it right away. You mentioned to me to go ahead with this if someone does want to buy it in the mean time.  I will keep you posted if the deal does not go through.  Thank you again for your interest and I hope someone else on here can help you find what you are looking for.  All the best with your new shop and new venture!~Lesley

10/29/15 05:45:55PM
6 posts

Hi Lesley,

I am also located in California and I am interrested in the Selmi if it become again availlable otherwise do you have more equipement or tools you would like to sell?

You can email me direct at cocoaglobe@gmail.com

Thank you

Daniel K Galvin
11/09/15 04:33:12PM
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I'd like to queue up for this machine, if the other folks don't buy it first. 

I, too, am in California. 





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