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12/03/15 12:22:13PM
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I am in need of a stainless steel chocolate melter 125-250lb.  If anyone has a nice used unit that is available for sale, please send me a message or call me.

Ryan - jlmsales.rposey@gmail.com / 678-464-1452

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YOQ Tony
12/09/15 09:49:20PM
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      Dear Ryan,

This is Tony from Chinese YOQ Group Co., Ltd.  

We have produced chocolate machinery over 20 years , with the customers of NESTLE, KRAFT, MEIJI, etc. 

I will send quotation of 100l chocolate melting amd mixing machine to you by email. or you can visit our website www.chocolate-machines.com with detailed information of various machines.


  Best regards!

YOQ Group Ltd.

what'up/Tel: +86 15150501878

Email: cleopatra.tony@gmail.com

Skype: yoqtony


Website: www.chocolate-machines.com

Jim Greenberg
12/10/15 07:03:40PM
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Hi,Ryan, how are you? - call me anytime. I have a 100lb ss unit.

Jim Greenberg

Jim Greenberg, Co-President
Union Confectionery Machinery Company


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