F/S Savage brothers tempering machine

Trevor Smith
11/08/16 12:57:20AM
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Selling a savage brothers tempering machine with metering/dosing pump. has two new omron pid controllers installed and a new heating band. runs like clockwork. 7000 euros

Vintage 3 roll mill. 550mm x 250mm rollers and weighs 850kg 6000 euros SOLD !

Santha spectra 40 with speed control and no cover. 1500 euros SOLD !

Message me more more info and pictures

updated by @trevor-smith: 06/29/23 06:49:02PM
11/14/16 10:17:58AM
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Hello Trevor,

I would be interested to learn more about the santha


11/17/16 04:46:14AM
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Hi Trevor, i am interested in the tempering machine. Can you send me some more details and pictures? Where is it located? etc.


kind regards, daniel

11/17/16 10:27:31AM
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I am interested in the Santha spectra 40 with speed control and no cover.

Could you give me more details - busanapierre@gmail.com

Thank you in advance,



Trevor Smith
11/17/16 02:14:51PM
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The roll mill is sold.

Trevor Smith
11/22/16 05:05:05AM
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Santha is sold. Savage brothers tempering machine is currently still for sale.

Trevor Smith
11/30/16 06:07:38AM
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Savage brothers tempering machine still up for grabs. Its a 110v model and comes with a voltage converter so it will work in any country with 220-240v or 110v 


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