Popsicle molds? Stainless?

Brandon Buckner
04/07/12 07:21:57PM
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I'm considering doing some popsicles to help with summertime sales at the shop and looking for some commercial molds. All I keep finding are sites linking me to China. Does anyone know if there's any US distributors for something stainless with 20+ cavities and stick holders? I see there's plenty of plastic molds on amazon and the like, but I hope to find some thing like this (to fit in a regular single-door freezer): click this . Ideas? Thanks!

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Jessica Conrad
04/10/12 04:00:32AM
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Hey Brandon, I'm pretty sure there's an Italian manufacturer out there that does larger trays (20+) but for the life of me I can't recall their name and can't find them in my bookmarks. If I find it, I'll send it but in the meantime these guys do silicone pop-molds with stick holders too, though it looks like it's only 6-8 molds per tray: http://www.coldmolds.com/pops.html

Silikomart also does silicone pop-molds with stick holders (more per tray than coldmolds, but still not 20+): http://www.silikomart.com.au/all-molds/make-ice-cream-bar/

Any good quality silicone will be stainless & relatively easy to wash/care for.

Brandon Buckner
04/16/12 11:19:13PM
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Thanks! I'm still looking for any suggestions, so thanks a bunch! And if you come across the Italian place you were referring to, I would love to learn their name/website.

Ramin Moq
04/17/12 10:30:38AM
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Hi Brandon,

For stainless steelPopsiclemolds, you may want to visit: http://stainless-steel-popsicle-mold.com/ .

Andy Ciordia
04/18/12 01:35:40PM
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We use coldmolds to make fudge pops and they rock. We tried metal molds and found their ability to release sub-par and the stick locations sometimes 'bled'. The silicon work real well and you can fit quite a few on a sheet pan and just do a rotating production schedule and you're g2g. Do what we did, ordered a few to make sure we liked the idea--not very cost prohibitive to try and if you like it scale up.


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