Fruition Chocolate Workshop Debut

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Bean to Bar Chocolate Workshop Debuts in the Hudson Valley

SHOKAN, NY Youve heard of farm to table cuisine featuring the freshest, most imaginative food in the Hudson Valley. Now, chocolate lovers can also rejoice with the opening of an unparalleled bean to bar chocolate workshop in Shokan, NY.

Fruition Chocolate is a workshop that makes its stone ground chocolate in small batches using all organic ingredients. The highest quality cocoa beans are sourced from Costa Rica, slowly roasted to bring out their unique flavor, and stone ground to a luxurious smooth texture.

Chef Bryan Graham, who grew up in the Catskill Mountains, has worked for over 13 years as a baker, pastry chef, confectioner, and chocolate maker. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he later worked as Sous Chef at the Apple Pie Bakery Caf where he began a micro batch bean to bar chocolate making program. With the launch of Fruition Chocolate, Chef Graham harnesses his specialized skill set and artistry to create an exciting new line of chocolate and confections.

Fruition Chocolates opening product line includes a selection of dark chocolate and milk chocolate bars. The Classic Milk is an interpretation of a traditional milk chocolate: full of big vanilla and caramel notes. The Dark Milk is a gateway chocolate: a hybrid of dark and milk that is rounded out with fleur de sel. The Signature Dark 66% and 70% Dark bars floral and earthy tones are highlighted by a careful and judicious roast. Rustic Crunch blends 70% dark chocolate with Demerara sugar crystals, cocoa nibs and Vietnamese cinnamon. To top it off, Fruition offers enticing chocolate coated products: Caramelized Oregon Hazelnuts, Smoked Almonds, Roasted Cocoa Nibs, and Jalapeo Dusted Corn Nuts.

Fruition Chocolate is wholesaling to pastry chefs at high-end restaurants such as Cafe Boulud in NYC and to bars and retailers including The Stockade Tavern in Uptown Kingston, NY and Blue Cashew in Rhinebeck, NY. Fruition also produces custom chocolates and confections for weddings and special occasions.

Fruition will open its workshop as a retail store on November 19th. Please celebrate with us from 4pm - 10pm. There will be a variety of chocolates and confections to taste and the product line will be available for sale. Fruition Chocolate will be open Fridays from 12pm - 6pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am - 6pm. We will have extended hours during the holiday season. Please visit for further information.

Fruition Chocolate is located 11.5 miles northwest of the NYS Thruway, in the Olive Plaza at 3091 Route 28, Shokan, NY 12481. The phone number is (845) 657-6717.

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That's wonderful!!


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