vegan milk and white chocolate

Sacred Steve
12/07/16 08:05:00PM
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Hi, I make a VEGAN MILK and VEGAN WHITE chocolate that you may be interested in.  I sell it in bars, bite sized pieces, and 5 lb blocks.

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12/08/16 09:47:31PM
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Hi there. Javier from Chaqchao Organic Chocolates from Arequipa Peru.

We have been making Organic White and Milk vegans chocolates for over two years now. Our white chocolates are made with either organic coconut MYlk, brazil nut MYLK and Lucuma powder.

We also make 40% and 55% percent vegan milk bars with the same options.

We use organic Panela ad our form of sweetener which makes our white bars a brownish color.

All our bars ingredients come from Peru including our beans from Cusco, Peru.

We have had bis big success with our bars in the peruvian market. If you would ike us to send us some samples let us know as we would be happy to

Our email si

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12/11/16 08:43:43PM
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I tasted Charm School Vegan white chocolate while I was in Seattle recently at the NW chocolate festival. It was actually excellent! And they do wholesale. 

04/18/17 03:15:45AM
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Andrea B: I was holding out hope for the Organic Nectars white chocolate. I may be more sensitive to very sweet things now being vegan, but I thought the white chocolate was very sweet. I only tried one bite - maybe I should try it again :). Their milk isn't what I was looking for at all. Their price is too high as well to use in any bulk capacity.The other thing to bear in mind is that these vegan white and milk chocolates won't be "real" chocolate so they may not temper like you expect if they temper at all.If you ever find something worthwhile let me know ans I will do likewise.Andrea

ohhh yes, i love ittttttt. :D now Im following this post for answers! :D

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