FireMixer or Copper Kettle?

George Trejo
09/07/13 12:19:40PM
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I'm hoping to get some advice on what equipment I should get to increase my caramel production.

I'm leaning toward the tabletop Savage FireMixer or the ElectroStove candy kettle.

Any thoughts? Better suggestions?

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Brad Churchill
09/07/13 12:55:04PM
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Last year I bought the Savage tabletop Firemixer from a woman who closed down her fudge/peanut brittle business.

I have been generally very happy with it. We also use it to heat milk to make the our drinking chocolate base, and the agitator keeps the milk from scalding on the bottom. That alone saves a tremendous amount of time, freeing up staff who before, had to sit there and manually stir the milk while it warmed up on our burners. That ability alone has probably already saved us 1/3 the cost of the machine.

I also have two Savage 50lb tempering machines that have run 24/7 for 5 years now, without issue.

Their equipment is expensive but well worth it if you are needing something to handle daily use.

I have never used the Electrostove, but looking at the photos, I am guessing that the element would generate more heat than what is created by the Tabletop mixer, and that thebowl will hold more product. I also notice that the electrostove may not come with a stirring motor. Be prepared to pay a hefty price for their accessories!


George Trejo
09/14/13 02:53:04PM
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Thanks Brad!


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