chocolate brand to choose, pricing vs taste

09/18/14 05:24:00PM
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I am deciding which chocolate to bring in..

Callebaut 823NV milk (more expensive)or Van LeerBel Lactee Milk.

Callebaut 70-30-38NV (more expensive) or Van Leer Bel Noir 73% Dark

Cangeneral public really tell one is better than the other?

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Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
09/19/14 10:01:22AM
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What do you plan to make with it? Is viscosity a factor?

09/19/14 10:17:51AM
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make chocolate bar. need low viscosity:) easy to handle

09/21/14 03:13:22PM
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For something like a bar, use NV every time - especially if it's a plain tasting bar. If it's for enrobing or recipe making, use the Van Leer...

You can immediately tell the difference when opening case of NV - the aroma is fuller and rounder, as is the taste


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