Questions on American Chocolate Mould Table Top Tempering Machine

10/18/09 09:07:10AM
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I'm going to be teaching a chocolate truffle making class and I'm looking for a larger, but still easily portable chocolate tempering machine. I have a Sinsation for home use and love it, but their larger capacity machine is a bit pricey. I was looking at the ACM Table Top Tempering Machine and was curious if anyone else had experience with this one. The price is within my budget and with a 6 lb capacity it should be good for a class size of 20 - 40 people to each be able to cover truffles with tempered chocolate. I would want to have the chocolate tempered before the class (since I won't be able to keep my eyes on the temperature while teaching) and then I'm hoping the machine is good at holding the final temperature so that it doesn't come out of temper. Also, what I like about the sinsation is the whole thing is automatic and dummy proof, so I'm also nervous about having to be responsible for controlling the temps on this one, but again if the machine holds the temps once it reaches them I'm assuming it shouldn't be a problem. Any feedback anyone has would be great. Thanks!
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Carlos Eichenberger
10/18/09 09:49:38AM
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I've owned and used an ACMC machine for over a year now and love it exactly for its simplicity. It is very good at maintaining temps so you should be good to go for your class.One drawback: since it's not an automatic temperer, you have to be very attentive while tempering. If you leave the machine unattended too long and forget the "down" cycle it can be disastrous as the chocolate will begin solidifying and spill out of the bowl.Other than that the ACMC is a very reliable and easy-to-use machine.
Mark Heim
10/18/09 07:46:51PM
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I also own and use the ACMC machine. It works very well. But as Cheebs mentions, though it holds temperature very well, if left alone you will over temper the chocolate. Not a problem if you keep an eye on it.
10/18/09 10:31:50PM
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I'm a big fan of the ACMC. Mine has seen more use than they were ever intended to, and is still ticking along. The volume sounds about right for your needs, and it holds temperature well. If the chocolate does begin to "over temper" (after long agitation), a quick warm-up will bring it back to proper condition.And for what it's worth, if anything ever breaks on the machine you can get a replacement part from the company in NY at a reasonable price. The ACMC is simple enough to tinker with.
Jeff Stern
10/19/09 09:07:22AM
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I've used these machines extensively. They are good and hold temperature well, and should be good for the class. They are not as sturdy as a Hilliard's or other stainless machines since they are made of plastic, but that also means they are lightweight and easy to move around.
10/23/09 10:19:49AM
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Thanks for your feedback everyone!
Amber S.
10/24/09 12:08:11AM
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I taught a class using this machine- it was fine! Consider taking a heat gun with you for that 'warm-up' someone mentioned.
10/24/09 05:41:18AM
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chocovision also has a newish table top new to the x3210 and it is supposed to hild the chocolate tempered and not over tempered all day. Same price range. Ian is a member here-ask him about it before you decide on one either way. I have two x3210 machines and am very happy. I would love the newer one. Also, do you have a melter? If you do I can give you some great ideas on keeping enough chocolate tempered forever....!


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