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Richard Spangenberg
11/10/09 11:37:00AM
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I am looking for a good book or two. Would like a book or two that will teach me about chocolate in the most riveting manner. Educational and focus on artesian chocolates and current trends. Rich in content, photos and well written. Who's the best author? And, what are the best books?
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11/11/09 01:09:59PM
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Well, a good place to start would be DISCOVER CHOCOLATE by Clay Gordon (Description by Chocolate Bliss) This energetic chocolate blogger/author/travel guide focuses on tasting chocolate - how to explore and understand chocolate's full range of flavors. The website offers many resources, including a networking site for chocophiles, THE CHOCOLATE LIFE. Amazon/Alibris
11/11/09 01:12:12PM
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There's a great list of books at Chocolate Bliss by TCL member Suzie Norris. It looks pretty comprehensive.
11/11/09 01:13:59PM
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Here's the first book on the Chocolate Bliss list :THE TRUE HISTORY OF CHOCOLATE by Michael Coe and Sophie CoeAsk around for the best book on chocolate history and you'll wind up here. It is the best!! Written by Yale Professor of Anthropology Emeritus Michael Coe and his late wife Sophie Coe, the knowlege of Olmec, Maya and Aztec historical context, artifacts and source material is deep. Deep, deep, deep! This book propsed the theory that chocolate production started in the Olmec civilization (not just the Maya and the Aztec) and is a source of study for many of the world's best chocolatiers. Amazon/Alibris.
11/11/09 07:03:05PM
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Peter Greweling's Chocolates and Confections is an outstanding reference for artisan chocolate technique. Clearly written, extra description of certain points if you want it, and great photography.
Clay Gordon
11/11/09 10:43:44PM
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clay -
11/12/09 10:06:07AM
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Books on Chocolate Making from Ecole Chocolat is another great list:
11/12/09 09:52:43PM
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If you're looking for something more educational on the history of chocolate and learning about the different types of beans I highly recommend The New Taste of Chocolate by Maricel E. Presilla. It's one of my favorites.
12/29/09 12:42:27PM
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I can only agree - this book is written just great.If you are looking for a beautiful AND informative book, I would recommend The Book of Chocolate, piblished be Flammation. Suits for coffeetable and also as reference (history, different cultures etc.), one even cannot immagine pictures better then in this book.
Shelley Fields
01/06/10 12:02:02PM
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I am particularly fond of Mort Rosenblum's Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light. I have read a lot of chocolate books, candy books, cookbooks, old and new, and this one was my favorite. Not heavy in photos, but it gives a wide range of views on chocolate I have not found in other publications.
01/10/10 11:42:00PM
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I was going to suggest the Chocolates and Confections book as well.It is very well written, the pictures are wonderful and the recipes are easy to follow.
01/11/10 01:03:43AM
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Chocolates and Confections is also one of my go-to reference books. Wonderful guide and easy to follow. Another one is Pierre Herme's Chocolate Desserts.


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