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Loyd Auerbach
01/21/10 08:23:04PM @loyd-auerbach:
Hi Shelley --Great to meet you too.
04/09/08 05:02:41PM @chocoflyer:
I have not been to a World Market, bummer! Those kinds of stores (international import grocery) are pure heaven for me, I wish I was nearby one. Any/all wrapper contributions you have would be so gladly appreciated and adored, i cant thank you enough! Also, i just heard a rumor - does Australia still sell CRISPY M&Ms? If so, could i send you some $$ to have those and all the wrappers sent to me??
04/08/08 06:09:00PM @chocoflyer:
Wrappers from Australia!?! That would be THE COOLEST thing to get, i really only have 1 or 2 so far (im a big fan of Violet Crumble!) so if you dont mind i will send you a private email w/ my address and cannot Thank you enough!! Serioulsly I so appreciate your contributions and will dearly love having them and display them here for sure- Thanx again, many choco-blessings......
04/06/08 09:18:35PM @chocoflyer:
Is that your shop- Haighs? where is it? any choco-pics?
Clay Gordon
03/11/08 10:37:20AM @clay:
Shelley:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. I know it's a magical experience when those first chocolates unmold and they are bright and shiny.