Icelandic chocolate, it's not organic -- just green?

01/05/11 05:02:54PM
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What does anyone know about this Icelandic chocolate, Ni Srus? I've been seeing this on my local co-op shelves, and heard there is also something over at Whole Foods.

Well I haven't tried it, I somehow got the impression that it isn't on these shelves because it's one of the best chocolates in the world either, not that the co-op carries any of those anyway, they are allabout the certificates. Which excludes our locally made Rogue Chocolatier, ahem ahem...

But what's the story -- Rogue and local are out, and Iceland is in? Why should my co-op start carrying chocolates from this industrial candy company out of the blue? Surely instead of blue, it must have seemed a very good"going green" proposition for them...

Makes the certificate game, and the co-op itself, look even more ridiculous..

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Hilmir Kolbeins
01/21/11 12:50:48PM
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Hi, I live in Iceland and grew up around this chocolate. There is nothing organic about it thats for sure. Its mass produced and has been since way back. but they do not make the chocolate from bean to bar, they get chocolate blocks from Swiss, that company got a bad rep a few months ago when they were involved with company that used child labor.

They do make pralines but they are all made with milk chocolate and are very popular here in Iceland.

I find their chocolate to lack all characteristics but they do make nice candy of all sorts.

Icelanders are very patriotic when it comes to chocolate and Ive had heated arguments wiht people when I inform them that I dont use Noi Srus.


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