Getting a delicious Cherry filling for Cherry Chocolate Bar

Wannabe Chocolatier
02/23/14 08:03:11PM
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Hi Im making a cherry coconut confection as a filling to dip it in milk chocolate to make a CHOCOLATE CHERRY BAR. I used cherry and coconut, I tried to keep my recipes as natural as possible.

I used maraschino cherries, desiccated coconut and icing sugar. I thought I will be needing some vegetable oil but no need since further grinding of the coconut release all its oil. I end up with a cherry coconut marzipan. I was expecting some difficulty on this recipe because cherry is a very tricky ingredient. I guess nothing beats the whole cherry.

Then I gave some to my best critics (family) and their comments where are following. They are really tough but that helps to only the best product goes to market.

- I dont know what it is

- What is it

- It is coconut or cherry

- It has some chemical to it

- It takes like medicine

- This one was interesting. If I bite a small piece it doesnt even tastes, if I bite a small ball it has flavor.

- It leaves a dry taste in your throat

- From one to ten , a 5

- I leave some aside at is got dry and the cherry flavor got more tasty.

As you see, the comments where as expected from a cherry filling. My question is how do I improved this recipe and keep it stable for chocolate filling. I add some rum and improved flavor , the I cook it and improved texture. I was thinking on natural flavoring . Any suggestions?

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04/07/17 02:01:03AM
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wow, i'll give it a try!! sounds good


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